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About Us

BackDate is written and maintained by me, Mark Mearns :-)

I wrote BackDate in Visual Basic 5.0 after using a similar program which does the same more or less the same thing. The problems with the other programs were 1.) they weren't very easy to use - too many useless features and 2.) you have to pay for them to use them long term! Being a student at the time, I didn't have the money to buy software that I could live without, so instead of revising for the August exams, I decidied to write my own program to undertake the same task!

I wrote all the code myself in Visual Basic, wrote all these Web pages myself in Notepad (no HTML editors for me thanks, just a little Java code snippet borrowed from another site to underline links when your mouse pointer is over them!) and used Paint Shop Pro 5 and Macromedia's Fireworks 4 to make the graphics (with a little help from IMSI's 'Premium Image Collection' for the clock logo!).

My thanks go to Richard Gill for a bit of beta testing and to various fine confectionary manufacturers whose sweet, sweet products kept me going from midnight until 7am when I finished the project - mmm...chocolate! Speaking of which, there is an 'Easter Egg' in BackDate - if you can find it!

So that's about it really! If you use BackDate a lot, please send me an e-mail and let me know what you think of it to If you really want to help out, go to the Banners section and choose a banner to display on your Web site. Thanks!