It's Never Too Late

What is BackDate?

Question Mark BackDate is a useful freeware PC utility to run programs under a different date.

As a result, you can run time-limited software after it has expired* without any of the often crippling effects of the expiration or any adverse effects on your PC.

Example: Your Paint Shop Pro trial expired 5 days ago and the program no longer runs. You desperately need to use the program, but haven't had time to register it yet. Setting your computer's clock date back manually can interfere with e-mail software, NTP Time Synchronisation (especially in Windows® XP), anti-virus software etc etc. You have a problem!

However, with BackDate, you can run Paint Shop Pro as before, but still maintain your computer's date as BackDate only momentarily changes the system date. Before any conflicts occur, BackDate has successfully run Paint Shop Pro and your system is back to normal again!

Screen Shot showing configuartionHow does BackDate work?

BackDate works by simply setting the computer's clock to a date specified by you in the configuration file.

Configuration is easy! Simply give the link a name, specify the location of it on your computer or on a network and enter the date you want the program to think it's running on! You even get to choose which date format you want to enter your date as - either DD/MM/YY, MM/DD/YY or YY/MM/DD.

The straight-forward, intuitive design is supplemented by 'Tool-tip Text' - if you are unsure, just let the mouse pointer 'hover' over the area you are unsure of and additional assistance will be there!

You will find even more documentation in BackDate when you download it, and if you get completely stuck, support is on hand from Mark Mearns, the author himself!
Does BackDate contain Spy-Ware and will I get pop-ups?

Padlock ImageUnlike many popular programs such as KaZaA, BackDate does not contain *ANY* spy-ware whatsoever. No information about the programs you use, Web sites you visit etc will be collected. BackDate is completely freeware and not sponsored in anyway. As a result, no pop-ups will appear on your screen. Security is an issue we take very seriously. BackDate does not even log what links you run and when. BackDate does not have the capability to connect to the Internet, a local network (LAN) or in any other way communicate with another computer, or use other software as a means to do so. If you operate a firewall such as Zone Alarm, you will notice that BackDate does not open any ports, or make any attempt to communicate with a remote source.



* Running time-limited software after the program has expired may constitute a breach of the software's vendor's EULA. Check with the software vendor for full details.