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BackDate is fairly straight-forward to use. The program contains two main parts. In this tutorial, we shall use screenshots to examine exactly how to create and use a link to a program to set the computer's date back.

Screenshot of first tabWe start the tutorial by learning how to create a link to a time sensitive program:

The image (left) is of a completed 'Edit Properties' screen. To create a link, click the 'Add Link' button at the bottom left hand corner of the box. This will clear any existing entries and reset any values which may not be visible to the user.

Now click in the 'Program Name' box and type the name of the time sensitive program you wish to link to. The name you type here can be anything - it doesn't have to be the word-for-word exact name of the program you wish to use, just something you'll easily recognise it by. In the screenshot, I have used 'PaintShopPro 5.03'.

Next you need to tell BackDate where the program is on your computer or network. You can either type it directly into the 'Location' box or click the 'Browse' button. BackDate does not validate what you type into the location box so you must take care to ensure it is accurate.

TechTip: BackDate supports the Windows 95 and above 'Long Filenames' format and UNC network addresses (i.e. \\remotecomputer\sharename\program.exe).

It is advisable to use the 'Browse' button to select your program as this places the exact correct details into the 'Location' box ensuring no errors can occur.

In the next box, 'Desired Date', you enter the date you wish your application to effectively run on - e.g. a date that fell within the program's free trial period. You can enter in the DD/MM/YY (European), MM/DD/YY (American) or YY/MM/DD (parts of Asia) formats. It doesn't matter which format you use but you must ensure that you specify which format you use by click the respective button below. All dates are converted into DD/MM/YY format by BackDate so BackDate needs to know what you have used as dates such as 03/02/01 are valid in any of the above formats, but produce three different dates!

BackDate asks the delay between changing the date, running your program and then changing the date back again. The default (automatic) value is 5 seconds. Do not change this setting unless your program is not functioning properly. In this case, try increasing the time by 10 seconds and trying again. The maximum delay is 60 seconds.

Finally, don't forget to click the bottom right-most button in the box (above the 'Exit' button) labelled 'Apply & Save Changes'. Your link won't work otherwise!

If you need to change any of the settings you specified, just click on the program's entry in the list at the top of the 'Edit Properties' box. Makes the changes you want and then click 'Apply & Save Changes'. If you do not wish to save or apply the changes, click 'Abandon Changes'. If you wish to permanently delete the link, click 'Erase Entry'.

Screenshot of 'Run Program' tabNow you'll want to be running your programs! To do this, click the 'Run Program' tab in the top left-most corner (this is the tab displayed automatically when BackDate is run). Now just double-click the link you wish to run! Simple as that!

If you want BackDate to close after you have doubled clicked your link, click the small box labelled 'Close Upon Execution'. A tick should appear. Note that this applies to all the links you have configured and that BackDate will not close immediately.


Problem not solved?
If you still require further assistance, e-mail your problem to and we shall endeavour to resolve it for you. Please note that we cannot test every program with BackDate.